Use And Types Of Shower Screen

By | April 4, 2019

Getting shower screens installed in showers and washrooms is not something new or unheard of. Previously every household used to have shower curtains in their washrooms and that was pretty much about it. Although those shower curtain used to come in a large variety of colours and styles, still it was just fulfilling its purpose of covering the shower area and doing nothing else. These shower curtains were usually made of sub-par material and going through two or three shower curtains per month was usual at every household. Soon people got to explore other options, and with the recent obsession of people of getting the washroom area as extravagant and large as other rooms of the house, finer things in terms of the interior can be observed. Slowly and gradually everyone has made the shift from shower curtains to shower screens and now almost every house has a shower screen installed in their showers.

These shower screens are made of water-resistant and weather resistant durable material that does not budge even a bit with water or steam, no matter whether it is hot or cold. These screens come in so much variety that everyone has plenty to choose from. Every house has its own theme, colour scheme and feels to it, and its interior designing should be done according to that theme. These shower screens come in the following variables which are mentioned below.

Glass shower screen

This type of shower screen, as apparent by the name is made of high quality pure glass. The glass used in these frameless shower screens in Sydney should be of top quality otherwise any accident can happen due to the breakage of glass. These shower screens are best suited for bachelors and people having no small kids.

Fibreglass shower screens

This kind of shower screen gives the impression of being made of glass but instead, it is made of high quality fibre sheet that looks just like glass. Although it is quite expensive it is the most practical and long lasting shower screen. It is user-friendly and user safe as it does not break even after high-intensity impact so it’s safer for houses that have kids around. It is water resistant and goes pretty much years without breaking down or falling apart.

Fancy shower screens

Apart from the plain glass and fibre shower screens, there is also a whole market for people whose number one priority is getting the house beautiful. For such people, there are fancy and decorative shower screens with intricate designs and beautiful colours that are pleasing to the eyes. These designs and colours can be chosen according to the rest of the colour scheme of the house. For every person, there is something to choose from as the options are virtually unlimited.

If you are thinking of getting a shower screen installed in your washroom, then there are a few things that should be taken under consideration before buying one. Always go for the high quality material as it will last you years and the low-quality shower screen will just break down in a matter of months.