Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Upholstery

By | November 9, 2018

It is pretty evident that the use and application of vinyl upholstery can be seen in the interior decoration industry very commonly. It is vinyl upholstery that was highly used as an affordable and durable alternative to expensive options like leather. Much improvement can be witnessed lately in the durable auto upholstery and while there is a lot of improvement in vinyl, there are some limitations that come with it too. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Vinyl Upholstery so that you can finally decide if you should opt for it or not.


  1. DurabilityThe best part that comes with the advantage of using a vinyl upholstery is that it has a long life and is durable. It does not get ruined even if the harsh chemicals have been used on it. Not only this, vinyl is such material which is also flame resistant.
  2. Easy to CleanAs compared to other materials, vinyl is such material that can be cleaned very easily and doesn’t require much maintenance. Since they are not absorbent like other materials, most of the stains can easily be cleaned using a wet cloth.
  3. AffordableIf you have pets and children at home, vinyl is your go to option. Not only because of the quality but also in terms of affordability. The long term savings and low cost justified the popularity of the material to be used on furniture.
  4. VarietyIf you are someone who loves different colors, then vinyl is your option to go for as it comes in a huge variety of textures and options.


  1. RepairIn case the vinyl gets damaged, the appearance of the furniture will be horrendous. It is difficult to get vinyl repaired and in case of any patchwork, tears and rips, it will easily show up and ruin the look of your furniture.
  2. Vinyl FeelA lot of people are not fond of the material and the feel vinyl brings with it self. Most people often complain about the synthetic feel that comes with the material against the skin. The non-absorbent ability of vinyl upholstery makes a lot of people complain about the sweaty feeling as it does not allow skin to ventilate easily.
  3. Cheap AppearanceAlthough vinyl is used as an alternate to leather, it is often regarded as a cheap substitute to it due to the material. Most people go for it because of their budget, affordability, use and preference.

So now that we have gathered all the pros and cons that come with the vinyl upholstery, it is your call to finally make up your mind as to whether vinyl fabric is your thing or not.