Difference Between Engineered Timber Flooring And Solid Timber Flooring

By | May 7, 2019

Engineered timber flooring is based upon the wooden plies that have joined together perpendicularly in order to make a wooden floor. However, solid timber flooring is based upon the solid wooden boards. Engineered timber flooring offers the versatility in terms of designs and colors. Engineered timber flooring can give a contemporary look to the property. Engineered flooring Melbourne is more durable then solid timber because engineered timber flooring is made up of quality wooden plies. Furthermore, engineered timber can easily be installed as compare to solid timber flooring. If one of the ply get damaged, then carpenter simply remove that specific ply and installs the new one.

Timber flooring is far better then solid flooring from each aspect. Engineered timber flooring can be used at those places where solid timber flooring could not be used. It makes the life of carpenters easier. Engineered timber flooring controls the temperature of the floor. Even people can sleep on the floor in house. Engineered timber flooring is cheaper then oak flooring Melbourne that’s why people now prefer engineered timber flooring. The maintenance of solid timber flooring is costlier then engineered timber flooring because owner has to replace the whole wooden board that has been installed on the floor.

Advantages of timber flooring:

High quality timber floor offers the numerous advantages to the owner of the property. Timber floor provides a natural environment in the house and timber flooring is more durable and long lasting then traditional flooring that is known as the shelter of bacteria and germs that eventually harmful for the residents of the house. It may cause skin infections and severe skin diseases. A research shows that quality timber floor can last almost 80 years it’s a great life span as compare to simple flooring. Timber flooring requires least minimum maintenance cost. Traditional floor can be replaced maximum after 10 to 15 years. Cleaning a timber floor is a quiet easier task as compare to clearing a carpet floor that is a very difficult task. Timber flooring is moisture free that enhance the life span of the timber flooring as well. Timber flooring is also considered as the environment friendly flooring method that does not leave any effect on the environment as well. People might want to choose timber flooring over carpet or other kind of flooring its trending these days and it has more benefits then traditional flooring.


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