A Brief Introduction To Color Printing

By | March 19, 2019


Print media is has been one of the most influential and efficient method for promoting every kind of event and news as well as brand awareness for centuries. Printing is a technique which was introduces centuries ago. Earlier people were used to print content on their concerned materials by hand crating, sooner inks were introduced and people were used to write contents in order to keep the information in a hard copy form. With the passage of time and modern techniques man made machines which could print the content on paper. Earlier printers were used to just print the text and images in black and white color. But the innovation and inventions of modern printers made us able to print the text documents and even the photographs in colored forms. These printers use four basic colors which are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (The key Color). These basic colors are generally known as “CMYK” Every color is extracted from combinations of these four basic colors and this mixing is performed by the printer itself. These machines are commonly found in our offices as well as homes.

Color printers also used on industrial scale for publishing of books and magazines in commercial press units to print a bulk amount of colorful content. Most common examples of color printers are inkjet and LaserJet printers which can normally be seen around us. Selection of color printers depend on the usage and quantity of prints you need to obtain via printing. These printers can be expensive and energy consuming. As well as their maintenance and toner refilling can be expensive. But normally laser printers are required for office and commercial purposes while inkjet printers are comparatively cheaper to afford and compact in size and is normally used on domestic scales. The document, photograph or templates which are to be printed for a business promotion is designed and composed by professionals’ graphics designers. These printers also give you the opportunity to either print the content within margins and edge to edge of the page. These prints are attractive for the reader and designers use a series of colors for the image formation of your organization for example If you need to exhibit the passion for the work the designers use warm colors like red and yellow which instantly give a stressful impact among the reader while if your company is family oriented and, the normal color schemes used are pink, white and light blue. The color scheme and format of the printed brochure and letterhead depicts the image and environment of an organization. Color prints can be an expensive sort of marketing technique but have a huge impact on your clientage and business promotion.

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